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nerf war: first person shooter 5

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf War: First Person Shooter 5. This Nerf gun video shows you what a Nerf war looks like from the shooter’s perspective. Subscribe for more Nerf First Person Shooter videos!

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BEST NERF DARTS ► http://amzn.to/2hUSWFM
MY CAMERA ► http://amzn.to/2gMDw1Y

Some of the Nerf guns used in this video include: Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot, Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator, Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher, Nerf Mega Bigshock, and Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe.

● Nerf War: First Person Shooter 6 ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZzu_LnqCyU&list=PLHaz_arOAZSW0Fe3zYuaneHN-A5NN2ck1&index=77

● Subscribe to PDK Films for new Nerf gun and Nerf war videos every week ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=pdkfilms

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~ About PDK Films and my Nerf gun videos ~

My name is Paul and I’m the director of PDK Films. I make all kinds of epic Nerf war videos with Nerf guns. I have a massive Nerf gun arsenal and I use all of the new Nerf guns in my Nerf battle videos. Some of my popular Nerf gun videos include Nerf Wars, Nerf Squad, Nerf Zombies, Nerf Call of Duty, Nerf War First Person Shooter, Nerf Gun Game, Nerf Underdog, and Nerf War Boy Vs Girl.

My massive Nerf arsenal includes all of the latest Nerf gun blasters from all of the new Nerf gun series: Nerf Elite, Nerf N-Strike, Nerf Zombie Strike, Nerf Mega, Nerf Rival, and Nerf Modulus. I even have modified Nerf guns, and my favorite Nerf gun is the Nerf Stryfe with a Nerf gun mod.

I hope you enjoy my Nerf gun videos and remember to subscribe to PDK Films if you want to see more Nerf guns and Nerf wars!

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Brunswick, ME 04011

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